Vaccinations and Medications

Vaccination Waiting List

Following a careful review of the guidance provided by the RCVS and BVA, the Clinical Directors have decided that starting some vaccinations is appropriate. The guidance states that priority by given where there is real disease risk. This week (commencing 20.04.2020) we will be doing rabbit vaccinations for myxomatosis and RHD-2. Vaccinations for puppies and kittens will probably start the following week. The next group will be dogs and cats due for their first full booster (aged approx 15 months). To apply for a place on the waiting list please fill in the form below:


We are unable to offer routine neutering of all species and genders at the moment. However, we are concerned about pregnancies in cats in households with male and female kittens or male cats showing undesirable behaviour such as spraying In these circumstances only, we can arrange neutering of the male(s). Please fill in the form below and someone from your branch will contact you.

Routine Flea/Worm Treatment

If you wish to order flea and/or worm treatment, please use the form below. Please state your preferred product and quantity.

Repeat Prescriptions Order

If you wish to order repeat medications for your pet, please use the form below. Please include the medication name and quantity.

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The vets from your branch will contact you when appointments are available. Payment by credit or debit card will be taken at the time of making an appointment.

IMPORTANT: Please do not attend the surgery if you have a fever of signs of a respiratory infection.

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